Eligibility Center FAQs


Eligibility Center Updates


Q: Can students get an eligibility center refund due to COVID impacts?

A: No. Eligibility center registration fees are non-refundable. We encourage students to receive their EC decisions to be ready for future competition.



A: Please click here for information about eligibility rules and other topics. We continue to work with our legislative bodies to address COVID-19 impacts to eligibility and we will post updates to this website once those decisions are finalized.

A: Please visit the Situation Analysis to determine if you need an eligibility center decision. Note: Exceptions have been made to select situations due to COVID-19.

A: The center is still accepting documents required for eligibility reviews. We highly recommend submitting documents electronically.
  1. All U.S. high school documents must be submitted through the NAIA High School Portal.
  2. U.S college documents may be sent through the NAIA Registrar Portal or an approved third-party vendor (Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, eScrip-Safe/Credentials Solutions). If an email address is required for these services, you must use documents@naia.org. Please note: we cannot accept emailed documents or transcripts sent to ECInfo@naia.org.
  3. Please click here for information on InCred and international records.
  4. Physical document processing is delayed between receipt and being reflected on a task list.

A: Please encourage your institution to register for the NAIA Portal. Upon registration, new NAIA Portal users will need to be verified by eligibility center staff before granted access to upload. We can help – have them reach us at ECinfo@naia.org for assistance.

A: Your decision may take some time before reflecting as ‘eligible’. If you do not see this change after 24 hours, please contact the eligibility center.