Health & Safety FAQs



A: The NAIA believes it is critical for each NAIA member to communicate to opponents about the known presence of COVID-19 within the campus community, while complying with FERPA, HIPAA and other medical privacy guidelines. This current information will allow each institution to appropriately assess the risk of competition and determine whether to proceed with scheduled contests. The NAIA will continue to work with the NAIA Athletic Trainers Association (ATA) and other experts to provide additional guidance in this area.

A: The NAIA does not have any requirements for equipment or facility sanitization. The NAIA recommends each institution carefully review the best practice resources provided in Section VII of the NAIA’s Fall 2020 Guidelines & Recommendations to evaluate the best options for its campus. The NAIA recognizes the importance of sanitization and risk mitigation in preventing the spread of COVID-19, but also recognizes each facility and campus is unique and needs flexibility to identify its best options.




A: There is not a required screening protocol in 2021-22 for either practices or competitions. Monitoring of potential COVID symptoms continues to be important in preventing the spread of the illness, so institutions are encouraged to identify methods for monitoring and diagnoses of any abnormal symptoms. Institutions are free to determine the methods used for any such monitoring and/or screening it may choose to use. There is no required reporting or verification of any screening that the institution may choose to do for either practice or game days.