Continuing Eligibility



A: Spring 2020 (and Winter 2020 for quarter schools) will not count as a term of attendance for spring sport athletes only. Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 will not count towards the maximum 10 semester/ 15 quarter term of attendance limit for all NAIA athletes identified in the fall. Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 will still be used for all other eligibility purposes (i.e., the 24/36-Hour Rule, 9-Hour Rule, etc.).


24/36-Hour Rule 

Q: If a student does not meet the 24/36-Hour Rule but does qualify for 24/36-Hour Rule exception 3 due to not previously participating in any intercollegiate contest, can the exception be considered met based on the COVID freshmen requirements (2.0 GPA only)?

A: Yes for the cohorts that were able to utilze the COVID Freshmen Exception (2020-2021 and 2021-2022 FR cohorts) if these students did not participate they can use 24/36-Hour Rule excpetion 3 based off of 2.00 High School GPA. 

Q: We have an NJCAA transfer who was enrolled part-time and competed. Now they do not meet the 24/36 hour rule. Is there an exception for this situation?
A: Because the student identified by competing within the 2 most recent semesters (or 3 most recent quarters), the part-time term is counted towards the 24/36 hour rule. If the student earned their associate’s degree, they may pursue V.C.6 exception 2. 

A: Yes, standard NAIA transfer residency rules will still apply. Students must serve the residency, or receive the exception to residency by having at least a 2.000 GPA and a release from her previous athletic director.

A: If a school chooses to allow more opportunities for non-standard grading models, for purposes of determining GPA these grades would be given whatever value the school assigns them. For current NAIA students continuing on at the same institution, the GPA listed on the school’s official transcript will be used. For transfer students, the student’s new school will have to confirm the value of these grades and how they will be accepted in order to calculate the student’s GPA.

A: The GPA that appears on the institution’s official transcript will be used to determine eligibility. If a student’s GPA is directly and adversely affected by extenuating circumstances from the national COVID-19 emergency, the student’s institution has the option to request an exception to seek relief.

A: These classes can be used to help meet the 24/36 Hour-Rule and the Progress Rule as long as they continue to meet the definition of institutional credit. There could be implications on an individual student-athlete’s GPA in a way that impacts eligibility, there have not been any exceptions to standard GPA rules granted in response to COVID-19. If an institution believes there is a compelling situation that needs further attention, the institution has the opportunity to request an exception on a case-by-case basis.

A: Application of the repeat rule (NAIA Bylaws Article V, Section C, Item 12) will not apply to courses taken Winter 2020, Spring 2020 or Summer 2020. Courses that were first attempted or repeated during these terms will not be restricted to the terms found in this bylaw. That means that for this example, both the course passed with a ‘D’ and the repeat attempt in Spring 2020 passed with a ‘P’ will count towards the 24/36-Hour Rule.