Seasons of Competition




A: Current and prospective student-athletes will not be charged a season of competition for non-intercollegiate play in any sport from May 16, 2020 – May 15, 2021.

A student can only be charged one SOC during any 12-month period. Because the NAIA season of competition often becomes a de-facto “umbrella” under which other competition can occur without harm, this year’s uncertainty of if or to what extent a given sport will be played at any individual NAIA institution effectively undermines a student-athlete’s ability to accurately budget their competition.

A: The Council of Presidents understands that there may be many reasons that an athlete will be forced to stop and start their athletic season that is outside of their control. Therefore, as an exception for the 2020-21 year, a student-athlete will only be charged a season of competition when the student participates in more than 50% of the maximum allowable number of intercollegiate contest in any sport, or the student competes in NAIA-approved postseason




A: By extension, the National Eligibility Committee has determined that no non-intercollegiate seasons of competition for spring sports will be charged from May 16, 2019 to May 15, 2020. This is in recognition of the fact that many students may have played in non-intercollegiate competition during the summer or fall of 2019 expecting for that play to be grouped into the same season of competition as the Spring 2020 collegiate season. Waiving the intercollegiate season but still charging for the outside play would prevent the students from being able to take advantage of the waived Spring 2020 season.

This applies to all student-athletes for any spring sport during the time period of May 16, 2019 – May 15, 2020, regardless of whether the student was identified with an NAIA institution at the time of competition or in the Spring of 2020.

A: Yes, standard NAIA bylaws would apply. Since she is not charged a season of competition for this year, she still has one season of competition remaining, and as long as she is pursuing a post-graduate degree program at the new NAIA institution she can continue to compete.

A: The NAIA honors seasons as charged by other athletic associations. The NCAA is also waiving spring sport seasons of competition, so the expectation would be that the student would not be charged by the NCAA, which the NAIA would then honor. As it relates to the terms of attendance, the NAIA assesses terms of attendance for each transfer student. If this student was enrolled full-time in spring 2020 at their NCAA school, spring 2020 will not count towards the 10-semester/ 15-quarter terms of attendance.

A: The Competitive Experience Form is generally required when students have breaks in enrollment and/or are not charged seasons of competition. Recognizing that all spring 2020 student-athletes would meet the latter, it is not necessary for schools to fill out the form for spring-sport student-athletes based on 2019-20 enrollment or competition. The Competitive Experience Form will only be required for those spring-sport student-athletes who would meet the criteria for the form (see below) prior to May 16, 2019.
The Competitive Experience Form should be completed for any student who meets any of the following criteria since from the time of his or her Eligibility Center determination through May 16, 2019:

  1. NAIA Identification: Student was identified at an NAIA institution but not certified as eligible for one or more academic terms.
  2. Non-NAIA Identification: Student is transferring from a non-NAIA institution and was not charged a season of competition for every year in which student was enrolled full-time at a non-NAIA institution. If a student was not charged a season of competition during each year that the student was enrolled full-time at a non-NAIA institution, the student’s non-collegiate participation in that year(s) is subject to a competitive experience review.
  3. No Identification: Student has a break in continuous, full-time enrollment from any institution.