ROA Insights Overview

ROA Insights is a free membership tool offered through the NAIA’s Return on Athletics initiative. ROA Insights provides members access to institution, sport, and student-level data focused on the areas of enrollment, retention, and finance. This tool allows members the ability to maximize their return on athletics, make informed decisions, and save them time.


Using Data to Enhance Value

The foundation of ROA is the collection and analysis of institution, sport, and student-level data:

  • Schools submit data annually in the areas of enrollment, retention, financial aid, sport revenues and expenses, and student participation level.
  • ROA Insights leverages simple and consistent calculations for measuring and comparing athletic department performance across nearly 250 small colleges.
  • ROA Insights saves time by providing centralized and convenient online access to robust athletic department data

Hear how ROA Insights is making an impact for NAIA Members

quote Having a tool that helps us consider options that
will grow our financial and recruiting viability,
and our roster sizes, is crucial.

Roger Drake
Central Methodist (Mo.)

quote SAGU was able to design an enrollment management plan that fit within realistic discount rates, met revenue goals, and grew student-athlete enrollment.

Jesse Godding
Athletics Director
SAGU (Texas)