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Return on Athletics® (ROA) supports the key priorities of NAIA member institutions – enrollment, student success, and financial viability – by leveraging simple and consistent calculations to maximize the business performance of their athletic departments.

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NAIA schools maximize their Return on Athletics®


net return

Average athletics
department net return

net return per student athlete

Average net return
per student-athlete

Average net return of Top 100
Directors’ Cup schools

Average increase in NAIA student-
athlete participation over five years

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NAIA member schools offer a high level of competition at an affordable cost


median operating budgets

Overall Median Operating Budgets
The NAIA median operating budget is
$1.8MM less than DII and
$1.2MM less than DIII.

top 100 budget

Top 100 Median Operating Budgets
NAIA’s Top 100 Directors’ Cup schools
spend $3MM less than DII Top 100 and
$2MM less than DIII Top 100

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The Power of Information

NAIA members have free access to ROA Insights – the only resource available to maximize the business performance of small colleges. ROA Insights leverages simple and consistent calculations for measuring and comparing the financial performance of athletics across over 250 small colleges.


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