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Return on Athletics (ROA) is the only resource available to maximize the business performance of NAIA athletic departments. Through the collection and analysis of member data, ROA leverages simple and consistent calculations across 250 small colleges and universities to provide the most complete athletics department financial data available. Institutions can compare their data with that of their NAIA peers to identify opportunities to maximize their return on athletics.

Maximizing your ROA

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Athletics as an Enrollment Driver and Campus Vitality Stimulator
Lourdes (Ohio)

Darnell Smith

Building an Athletic Department from Scratch
Texas A&M San Antonio

Indiana Tech

ROA Compared to Outside Data Sources
Indiana Tech


Informing Decisions

Return on Athletics (ROA) strives to help inform campus decisions through data and research and three-year data trend highlights. 

Informing decisions through assoc. trends

Bounce back in retention and net return for NAIA institutions


Spending, Retention, and Competitive Success

Success in sports is synonymous with winning. But besides talented athletes and coaches, what external factors contribute to competitive success? Conversely, what benefits can be realized from a winning athletic program? This research brief explores these questions by examining the relationship between sport expense and winning percentage, as well as the relationship between winning percentage and retention.

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Understanding the Impact of Athletics

ROA Insights focuses data in the areas of enrollment, retention, and finance to help you maximize the return on your athletics department through informed decision making.

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