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Leverage the Power of Data

Return on Athletics (ROA) is the only resource available to maximize the business performance of NAIA athletic departments. Through the collection and analysis of member data, ROA leverages simple and consistent calculations across 250 small colleges and universities to provide the most complete athletics department financial data available. Institutions can compare their data with that of their NAIA peers to identify opportunities to maximize their return on athletics.


How does financial aid awarded influence retention?

Athletics plays a critical role in the enrollment, retention, and financial performance of small colleges. A fall 2020 survey to NAIA campus leaders confirmed this concept, identifying recruitment and retention as the overwhelming top priority for athletics departments (81%). The following research, which is directional in nature, examines the influence that discount rate has on retention.

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Data: The Foundation of ROA

ROA begins with the collection and analysis of institutional, sport, and student-level data.
ROA Insights provides free access to this robust data, allowing members to leverage simple and consistent calculations that can aid in athletic department decisions.

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240+ member schools
have submitted data regarding enrollment, retention and aid


Data is centralized
between institutional departments and among NAIA members


Use ROA Insights
to see how specific efforts can affect the overall health of the institution

Convention 2021 Highlights

ROA Session 1: How to Use ROA Insights to Benefit Your Campus (41:30)

ROA Session 2: Data Collection FAQs (45:42)


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