Economic Impact

Hosts and their communities feel the impact of hosting a national championship.


men's track Economic Impact of the 2023 Men's and Women’s Outdoor Track & Field Championships
runner Economic Impact of the 2023 NAIA Men's Volleyball Championship
runner Economic Impact of the 2023 NAIA Men's and Women's Indoor Track & Field Championships
beach volleyball Economic Impact of the 2023 Women’s Beach Volleyball Invitational
men's lacrosse Economic Impact of the 2023 NAIA Men's Lacrosse Invitational
cheer and dance 2023 Economic Impact of Cheer & Dance Championship
women's wrestling 2023 Economic Impact of Women's Wrestling Championship
men's wrestling 2023 Economic Impact of Men's Wrestling Championship
columbus aquatic center 2023 Economic Impact of Swimming & Diving Championships
Women’s Basketball Championship 2023 Economic Impact of Women’s Basketball Championship
women's volleyball 2022 Economic Impact of Women’s Volleyball Championship
fooball Economic Impact of Football Championship
men's soccer Economic Impact of Men's Soccer Championship
women's soccer Orange Beach Sees Positive Economic Impact During Women’s Soccer Championship
women's volleyball NAIA Women's Volleyball Championship Brings Multi-Million Dollar Economic Benefit Sioux City, Iowa
Cross-Country Championships Vancouver, Wash. Receives Million Dollar Economic Boost from Cross Country Championships
Outdoor Track & Field Gulf Shores Sees Multi-Million Dollar Benefit during Outdoor Track and Field Championships
DII Women's Basketball Championships Sioux City Continues to See the Economic Boost During Division II Women's Basketball Championship
Men's Wrestling Championships Des Moines Sees Economic Boost during Men's Wrestling Championship
Grand Rapids Lacrosse Grand Rapids Sees Economic Benefit During Lacrosse Invitationals
Bowling Invitationals Topeka, Kan. Sees Benefit During Bowling Invitationals
DI Women's Basketball Billings Sees Million Dollar Economic Benefit During DI Women's Basketball Championship
NAIA Men's Volleyball Championships Des Moines Sees Economic Benefit During Men's Volleyball Championship

NAIA women's soccier championship

Orange Beach Economy Sees Boom During Women's Soccer Championship
brookings, sd Brookings, S.D. Sees Million Dollar Benefit During Indoor Track & Field Championships
NAIA Women's Volleyball Championship Sioux City Sees Multi-Million Dollar Benefit During Women's Volleyball Championship
NAIA Track & Field Championships NAIA Track & Field Championships Honored as 2018 Champion of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism
NAIA Football championships

Football Championship Boon to Daytona Beach in 2018

NAIA Cross Country NAIA Cross Country championship provides big boom for Cedar Rapids