Frequently Asked Questions for Hosting a National Championship

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Bids & Bid Qualification

Who can bid on NAIA Championships?

The NAIA has no specific requirement on who can bid on an NAIA National Championship. If you look across all 26+ championships, you will see a cross-section of bidders and hosts. The NAIA currently has convention and visitor bureaus, sports commissions, city governments, NAIA schools, NAIA conferences, as well as private promoters as hosts.

We have no NAIA school in close proximity. Does that prohibit us from bidding/hosting an NAIA Championship?

No, the NAIA has no requirement to have an NAIA school associated with your bid. There are certain aspects of championship operations that a school often assists with, however most of these needs can be fulfilled in other ways. Feel free to discuss any specific questions with a member of the NAIA championships team.

As a (Destination Marketing Organization) DMO, what do we need to know about the host’s responsibilities?

The NAIA model transfers all revenue rights (ticket sales, sponsorship, rebates, etc.) to the winning bidder. The major responsibilities of the host are producing enough revenue to support the championship budget and providing a venue and operations plan to produce a great championship.

Our DMO is not set-up with staffing to produce events. What options do we have?

The NAIA has seen many solutions to this. One option is to outsource to an events company. Another is to form a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) made up of many different interested parties who all share the same goal – to bring a major championship event (and thus a major economic impact) to that city.

Are the rights fees negotiable?

No. As a non-profit member organization, the NAIA’s National Administrative Council (NAC) has approved and set forth these minimum fees to support the administration of each championship. To enhance a bid, bidders can submit a bid above the minimum rights fee.

Are the bid deadlines flexible?

No. Once a deadline is established, for fairness, the NAIA must adhere to the deadline. Over the years, the NAIA has extended a small number of bid deadlines due to extenuating circumstances. If this happens, all bidders will be notified and the new bid date will be published.

What happens once we submit a bid?

The NAIA will conduct phone interviews with each bidder, followed by site visits with the top 2-3 candidates. After the completion of the site visits, the NAIA National Office will award the bid.


Site Selection Components

What are the main determining factors when selecting a championship site?

The NAIA conducts extensive surveys with our participating coaches and student-athletes. The two most important factors identified are (1) a championship-worthy venue whose seating capacity fits with the individual championship, and (2) a host who can deliver fans and student-athletes an exciting championship game atmosphere. An NAIA National Championship can be held on a non NAIA campus or facility.

What secondary factors are considered?

There are a handful of elements that factor into the selection process as well. They are:

  • proximity of the prospective site to the geographic center point of our schools that participate in that sport
  • hotels that meet quality and price points acceptable to our member schools
  • host intangibles, such as the ability to engage their city to embrace the championship
  • exceptional student-athlete experience event
  • exceptional Teaming Up for Character™ event programming

What are some examples of host intangibles?

Successful hosts are able to generate tremendous energy in their communities to embrace the NAIA Championship. The intangible elements go a long way to developing a great championship. Some of these examples are:

  • extensive welcome signage at the airport and hotels
  • welcome signs at local businesses
  • engaging business front line staff to wear event t-shirts or gear
  • working with local media to earn excellent media coverage of the event, student-athletes and coaches

What is a Student-Athlete Experience event?

At each NAIA Championship, an important event on the itinerary is the student-athlete experience event. This event is defined in the potential host’s bid and can be either a formal banquet or an interactive event that showcases the local area where a meal is served. Members of the NAIA championships team can provide examples of many unique events currently being held at championships.

What is a Teaming Up for Character™ event?

As part of the Champions of Character® program, Teaming Up for Character events are an integral part of every NAIA Championship, annually impacting more than 25,000 youth around the country. Championship hosts can choose the activity which best fits their championship and impacts youth in their community. Some of the most popular events are clinics in school assemblies that focus on the championship sport and drive the message of the NAIA’s core values – Integrity, Sportsmanship, Responsibility, Respect, and Servant Leadership. NAIA championship managers can give examples of the many programs currently being conducted.


What to Expect When Hosting

Can a host solicit local sponsorships for an NAIA National Championship?

Hosts of NAIA National Championships can solicit local sponsorships to help with the expense of hosting.

What support does the NAIA National Office provide for hosting an NAIA National Championship?

The championship manager is the NAIA National Office staff member assigned to the NAIA National Championship. This individual is the liaison between the National Office and the host, as well as between the host and participating teams. The championship manager works with the host to ensure proper information is communicated between the two entities. They also communicate all championship information to the teams regarding housing, travel, and championship schedule.

The NAIA media coordinator leads the on-site media operations, which includes but is not limited to game-by-game statistical collection, news releases, social media, coordination of video-streaming production, broadcasting duties, and any other marketing tasks.

NAIA National Championships are under direct control and supervision of the NAIA with assistance from each sport’s coaches association and the assigned committee to oversee championship operations. Championship committees are made up of NAIA coaches and are selected to work the championship by the NAIA championship manager.

New hosts for NAIA National Championships are brought to Kansas City, Mo., at the expense of the NAIA National Office for new host training.