Facility Certification

Please use the links below to visit the Official Facility Certification Survey for each of the following sports. Surveys will ask for court/field dimensions, venue and facility amenities, photo attachments, points of reference and other information.

Once approved, the Facility Certification is valid for 5 years including the Certification Start Date and the Certification Expiration Date. Please note, the Facility Certification applies to the submitted venue only and NOT the submitting oganization or institution as a whole.

Additionally, the Facility Certification process does not automatically make your organization or institution eligible to host an Opening Round. The Facility Certification in addition to an Official Opening Round Host Bid must be submitted to the NAIA Sport Manager.


Facility Certification Surveys


Facility Certification Survey Requirements

Please review before starting certification process.


2023-24 Approved First & Second Round and Opening Round Facilities



Do I need to resubmit a Facility Certification every year?

No. If approved, Facility Certifications are good for 5 years including the start year. The year listed as the Expiration Date is the final year of certification to host for that specific venue. For example, a facility that gets approved in Fall 2022 will be certified to host in Fall 2022, Fall 2023, Fall 2024, Fall 2025, and Fall 2026.

I have a certified Facility for Women's Volleyball. Do I need to submit a new one for Basketball?

Yes. Due to the sport specific standards for each individual sport, a facility certification needs to be submitted for each sport an institution plans to host.

Our home gym is approved, can we host at another location or site?

Facility Certifications apply to each individual venue, and NOT the submitting institution as a whole. Facility Certifications need to be submitted for any site that an institution plans to host at.

Our previously approved facility has undergone reservations, do I need to submit a new Facility Certification?

All renovations and changes to a previously approved venue need to be communicated to the necessary sport manager. Depending on the changes to the facility, they will determine if a new submission is needed or if simple edits can be made.


For additional Facility Certification information or questions, please contact Marc Burchard (mburchard@naia.org or 816-595-8153)