About Legislative Services

NAIA Legislative Services guides efforts to ensure NAIA member institutions and conferences are in compliance with rules and regulations, while providing oversight and leadership for select committees in the NAIA legislative and governance structure. If you can't find what you're looking for online, please email Legislative Services at legislative@naia.org call our Legislative Hotline at 816.595.8180 to speak with a Legislative Services staff member.

LEGISLATIVE EMAIL -  legislative@naia.org


Legislative Services provides member institutions and student-athletes with resources to navigate the NAIA's governing bylaws and policies. The department offers a range of materials for student-athletes, coaches and administrators.  These include an archive of legislative articles, video and PowerPoint presentations and periodic webinars for conferences and coaching staffs.

The NAIA fosters a level competitive playing field by encouraging conduct conforming to NAIA bylaws and the NAIA Code of Ethics. Legislative Services works with member institutions and national committees to identify and rectify various rules violations. This includes processing self-reported violations, monitoring year-end reports and addressing concerns over potential violations. Further, NAIA coaches, administrators and faculty athletics representatives have an affirmative duty to notify a fellow member institution should they learn of an apparent violation.

All NAIA Constitution and Bylaw amendments are adopted by membership through a majority vote at the NAIA's annual convention. Legislative Services assists conferences and committees to develop language and address conflicts with proposed legislation. The department also helps move proposed legislation through the appropriate processes for final evaluation at the convention.

NAIA decision-making processes have the best interests of student-athletes in mind.  Legislative Services works with member institutions to organize and present cases to the appropriate national committee. These filings include medical hardship requests, requests for exceptions to standing rules, requests for amateur reinstatement and requests for exceptions to freshman eligibility standards for home schooled students and students with learning disabilities.

Legislative Services is the National Office liaison to the following committees: National Coordinating Committee, Council of Faculty Athletics Representatives, Faculty Athletics Representative Association, National Eligibility Committee, National Conduct and Ethics Committee and Learning Disability Advisory Committee. 

stay in the game poster

Stay in the Game

What do student-athletes need to do to maintain their eligibility? A poster for faculty athletics representatives highlights the key requirements.

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