Women's Lacrosse National Championship

NAIA Championship Host Manual & Style Guide | To bid please fill out this BID FORM send to Nathan Docter | Updated Bid Packets are posted 4 months out from a bid deadline

Event Name:

NAIA Women's Lacrosse National Championship

Seeking Site For:

2022 & 2023

Bid Deadline:

September 1, 2020

Time of Year:

May 4-7, 2022, May 3-6, 2023

Days of the Week:


Estimated Number
of Participants & Fans:

200-250 Athletes
500-1,000 Fans

Facility Requirements:

 Provide a lacrosse facility that meets the standards and approval of the NAIA with two primary championship fields, auxiliary field, and practice fields, adequate spectator seating, lights, electronic scoreboard, press box, concession stands, restrooms, signs, and water coolers.

Provide a minimum of four (4) practice fields at the stadium complex or easily accessible, meeting the standards and approval of the NAIA. These facilities must be available to schedule team workouts and practice sessions before and during the event.

Provide press box personnel necessary for the administration of the games, including public address announcers, scorekeepers, statisticians, scoreboard operators, and personnel to prepare results and update brackets to media, coaches, etc. It shall be equipped with wireless internet, 2 separate wired connections, and a wireless network printer.

Hotel Requirements:

Centralized property capable of accommodating several meetings and a banquet for 200-400 people, with preference for properties that can house all 8 teams. 

Average Length of Stay:

5-6 nights

Room Block Needed:


Room Rate:

The price range is $90-$115, regardless of room occupancy

Hotel Pre-Registration:

Participants will work directly with the hotel to make reservations and submit payment.


Nathan Docter, Championships Manager
(816) 595-8133