Men's and Women's Bowling National Championships

NAIA Championship Host Manual & Style Guide | To bid please fill out this BID FORM send to Nathan Docter | Updated Bid Packets are posted 4 months out from a bid deadline

Event Name:

NAIA Men's and Women's Bowling National Championships

Seeking Site For:

2022 & 2023

Bid Deadline:

June, 1, 2021

Rights Fee:


Time of Year:


Days of the Week:


Estimated Number
of Participants & Fans:

200-250 Athletes
500-1,000 Fans

Facility Requirements:

Alley with capabilities to run a tournament with at least 32 lanes available for use.  Ball paddock, area for athletic trainers, dressing rooms, media room. 

Hotel Requirements:

Centralized property capable of accommodating several meetings and a banquet for 200-400 people, with preference for properties that can house all 24 teams. 

Average Length of Stay:

3-4 nights

Room Block Needed:

240 - 250 

Room Rate:

The price range is $90-$115, regardless of room occupancy

Hotel Pre-Registration:

Participants will work directly with the hotel to make reservations and submit payment.


Nathan Docter, Championships Manager
(816) 595-8133