Academic Success


At the NAIA, what's important to our members is important to us. We know that our institutions measure their success in more than just wins and losses. 

NAIA members and our students take the student portion of student-athlete seriously. Our student-athletes graduate from high school with top grades and continue their strong academic paths throughout college. 



50% of all teams have a 3.0+ GPA, earning NAIA Scholar Team designation.



Entering freshmen at NAIA schools have an average GPA of 3.30, compared to the national average GPA of 3.11.



NAIA rules are in place to support academic success and progress toward graduation, including: 

  • Eligibility certification is required each semester
  • Successful completion of a full-time courseload each year
  • Academic progress keeps pace with athletic progress or successive athletic seasons
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA

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