What can ROA Insights do for you?

The NAIA understands your need for data-driven Return on Athletics®

ROA Insights focuses data in the areas of enrollment, retention, and finance to help with:

  • maximizing return on athletics through leveraging simple and consistent calculations for measuring and comparing performance across 250 member institutions,
  • delivering data and resources to aid in decisions campus administrators in a number of different areas, and
  • saving time by providing centralized and convenient online access to robust athletic data at the institution, sport, and student-athlete level.

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ROA Insights provides in-depth analytics on how athletics can impact institutional enrollment, student success, and finanical viability. To learn more, watch this demo.


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Examining Financial Aid Awards

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How is my Net Return calculated?


Hear how NAIA presidents and their institutions are benefiting


[ROA Insights] allows me to make data-driven decisions ... which ultimately leads to increased enrollment and then increased revenue for the university.

Dr. Tim Faltyn
Oklahoma Panhandle State University


[ROA Insights] gives us the kind of information we need to really understand the way that athletics functions in our programs, to recruit well, to build business models that are effective, and to understand the student experience.

Dr. David Wright
Indiana Wesleyan University


[ROA Insights] allows a president to do sports-level comparisons of the costs and benefits of athletics at their institution and compare that to peer institutions. This will help you to better align athletics with your strategic plan and university mission.

Dr. Arvid Johnson
University of St. Francis (Ill.)


[ROA Insights] has been invaluable for our community... It has helped to inform ways in which we can consider expanding in athletics on our campus and the potential return on investment.

Dr. Amy Novak
Dakota Wesleyan University


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