Vision and Value Proposition



The experts in the business of small college athletics.



The NAIA is the ONLY athletic association that serves the interests of small colleges through holding national championships and by driving student-athlete enrollment and financial sustainability.



To address declining enrollment and rising costs, colleges increasingly leverage athletics to attract, recruit and retain diverse student-athletes. The NAIA is the only intercollegiate athletics association focused on serving its membership through:

  1. Analytics that Inform the Bottom Line through Return on Athletics® where campus administrators can access association-wide benchmarking data and research regarding athletic funding, sport offerings, ideal roster sizes, discount rates and financial aid.
  2. Character-driven Athletics where coaches and administrators embody and teach integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship and servant leadership on and off the field.
  3. Enriching Student-Athlete Experiences where relationships with coaches are encouraged and unrestricted, diverse voices are valued, and the student-athlete is put first. 
  4. Common-sense Regulations where financial aid, eligibility and competition rules are fair, flexible and less burdensome to administer, and institutions have the autonomy to administer athletics as they see fit.