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Mental health issues are at the forefront of the NAIA’s commitment to student-athlete health and safety.  Understanding and appreciating the complexity of topics related to these issues are key components of the NAIA’s holistic approach to student-athlete development. Recognizing that mental health issues are not only detrimental to performance, but disrupt the healthy function of college students, it is our desire to create a culture where NAIA student-athletes feel safe to reach out about mental health concerns in the same way one might reach out for care of an athletic injury.

The health, safety, and well-being of our student-athletes is the top priority of the NAIA. Your mental health and well-being are intricately linked to your athletic and academic performance.


Mental Health Resources for your School

The Mental Health Toolkit is a resource for student-athletes, coaches, and administrators to use to help identify and understand resources available for managing mental health concerns. Download these editable PDFs that can be customized with your institution's name, contact information, and local resources.






Training the Complete Athlete

Coach Kos shares her insights about the challenges faced by today's student-athletes.



Mental Health Executive Summary

Explore the findings of the first-ever NAIA Student-Athlete Mental Health Survey in this comprehensive document. Uncover the unique insights gathered from a year-long collaboration between the national office and external researchers, as they delved into the mental health experiences of student-athletes across numerous NAIA campuses. The Executive Summary provides a thorough overview of the study's methodology, key findings, and their implications for our student-athlete community.


NAIA Mental Health Partners

Click here to learn more about our national mental health partners and the services they offer to NAIA member institutions.




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NATA offers free infographic handouts for athletic trainers to download, print and distribute. They encourage ATs to utilize these resources to educate the community on various injuries and illnesses common to sports medicine.

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