2023 NAIA Women’s Lacrosse All-Americans, Coach and Player of the Year

2023 NAIA Women’s Lacrosse All-Americans, Coach and Player of the Year

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The NAIA announced the 2023 NAIA Women’s Lacrosse All-Americans and Coach and Player of the Year.

Coach Melody Shotwell of SCAD Savannah (Ga.) is the 2023 NAIA Women’s Lacrosse Coach of the Year in her first season as head coach at SCAD. Shotwell led her team to the finals for the first time since women’s lacrosse became a championship and ended the season with a 12-6 season record. Only three of those losses came from NAIA opponents, which were rated top three in the nation. The Bees incurred five of the six losses at the beginning of the season and went on an 11-game win streak before they landed in the NAIA championship game and picked up The Sun Conference title along the way. 

Bella Ricchiazzi of Cumberlands (Ky.) is the NAIA Women’s Lacrosse Player of the Year for the second consecutive year. Ricchiazzi leads the nation in five different categories on the season: points (144), goals (95), assists (49), shots (141) and shots on goal (122). Ricchiazzi helped to lead her team to the national championship quarterfinal for the third consecutive year.

The All-America Committee makes the All-America selections. The list is made up of 15 members for each of the first and second teams. 



Name School Year Position
Angela Schiaccitano Reinhardt (Ga.)  Jr.  Def. 
Anna Marie Gazzo Reinhardt (Ga.)  Jr.  Att. 
Bella Burke Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  Sr.  Mid. 
Bella Ricchiazzi Cumberlands (Ky.)  Gr.  Att. 
Clarke Haas SCAD Savannah (Ga.)  Jr.  Mid. 
Emma Rittman Cumberlands (Ky.)  Fr. Mid. 
Gabi Mitchell Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  Sr.  Att. 
Jaisanna Jarvis Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  Sr.  Def. 
Jill Mello Reinhardt (Ga.)  Sr.  Att. 
Koral Hadac Cumberlands (Ky.)  Fr.  Def. 
Leanne Windon Life (Ga.)  Sr.  Def. 
Maria Arvizu Life (Ga.)  Gr.  Mid. 
Olivia McCarrell Cumberlands (Ky.)  Sr.  GK
Rebecca Gibson Keiser (Fla.)  Jr.  Def. 
Sydney Robinson Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  Sr.  Att. 


Second Team 

Name School Year Position
Anabelle Acluche  Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  Sr.  GK 
Annise Berkeley SCAD Savannah (Ga.)  Fr.  Att. 
Ashley Steele Reinhardt (Ga.) Jr.  Def. 
Bryce Gerber Webber (Fla.)  So.  Att. 
Christina Min Cumberlands (Ky.)  So.  Def. 
Courtney Frankfurth Benedictine (Kan.)  So.  Att. 
Gemme Weinberg Benedictine (Kan.)  Jr.  Def. 
Grace Gibson SCAD Savannah (Ga.)  Jr.  Def. 
Jordan Haeusser Missouri Baptist Gr.  Mid. 
Kambria Barry SCAD Savannah (Ga.)  Sr.  Def. 
Kaylen Moore Benedictine (Kan.)  Fr.  Mid. 
Kennadie Minerich Aquinas (Mich.)  Jr.  Att. 
Reegan Hensley Cumberlands (Ky.)  Sr.  Att. 
Shelby O'Neil Reinhardt (Ga.)  Jr.  Mid. 
Talia Myers Keiser (Fla.)  Jr.  Mid. 


Championship Information

women's lacrosse


 May 1-4, 2024
Savannah, Ga.