2022- 23 Men's Cross Country Runners of the Week

2022- 23 Men's Cross Country Runners of the Week

Runners of the week are evaluated on their performance during the week prior to the announcement. Each runner is selected out of a pool of conference, group & Continental Athletic Conference (Independent) award winners.


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Week 8 (October 26)

Runner of the Week: Jason Bowers, Cumberland (Tenn.)

Bowers broke the course record with a time of 24:03.30 to cross the finish line first of 239 athletes. The second-place finisher was Bryan Hernandez-Rios from Grace College with a time of 24:19.50. His fourth win out of five races.

Nominees: Carson Barlow, William Carey (Miss.); Conner Uppleger, Lawrence Tech (Mich.), Logan Horning, Friends (Kan.); Isaac Fernandez, Southern Oregon; Jonathan Harrison, Montana Western; Abraham Chelangam, Oklahoma City; Jacob Mitchell, USC Beaufort (S.C.); John Perez-Dunn, Southeastern (Fla.); Cody Farland, Dakota State (S.D.), Aaron Jones, Milligan (Tenn.); Sam Mickelson, Grand View (Iowa), Taylor Vallangeon, Olivet Nazarene (Ill.); Bryan Hernandez-Rios, Grace (Ind.), Donovan Denslow, Missouri Baptist; Joe Anderson, Dordt (Iowa)


Week 7 (October 19)

Runner of the Week: Dillion Grover, Graceland (Iowa)

Dillion Grover finished first at the Indian Hills Invitational with a time of 24:24.7, 50 seconds better than the second-place finisher. 

Nominees: Zac Maher, Trinity Christian (Ill.); Dennis Kiptoo, Wayland Baptist (Texas); Richard Marcoux, Bellevue (Neb.); Jacob Kocis, Midway (Ky.); Dillion Grover, Graceland (Iowa); Logan Horning, Friends (Kan.); Cristian Mendoza, Eastern Oregon; Evan Hodkinson, Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio); Logan Lucas, Iowa Wesleyan; Vincent Nchogu, Texas A&M-Texarkana; Conner Uppleger, Lawrence Tech (Mich.)

Week 6 (October 12)

Runner of the Week: Nathaniel Rodriguez, Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)

Nathaniel Rodriguez finished 3rd at the Saints Cross Country Invite with a time of 23:28. 

Nominees: Dennis Kiptoo, Wayland Baptist (Texas); Jacob Mitchell, USC Beaufort (S.C.); Cody Farland, Dakota State (S.D.); Brint Laubach, The Master's (Calif.); Carson Barlow, William Carey (Miss.); Taylor Vallangeon, Olivet Nazarene (Ill.); Will Stockley, Milligan (Tenn.); Brendan Erwin, Saint Mary (Kan.); Eli Fullerton, Indiana Wesleyan; Sam Mickelson , Grand View (Iowa); Tyler Jenkins, Rio Grande (Ohio); Donovan Denslow, Missouri Baptist; Joe Anderson, Dordt (Iowa); John Perez-Dunn, Southeastern (Fla.); Elliott Ramsey, Lourdes (Ohio); Jason Bowers, Cumberland (Tenn.); Jackson Wilson, Rocky Mountain (Mont.)


Week 5 (October 5)

Runner of the Week: Jason Bowers, Cumberland (Tenn.)

Freshman Jason Bowers continues to shine as he posted a win at the 'Live in Lou' Louisville Cross Country Classic. Bowers won his first collegiate 8K race by finishing with a time of 23:51.7. The second place finisher checked in 26 seconds after Bowers. He took first out of 416 racers in the field including several across various associations

Nominees: Bryan Hernandez-Rios, Grace (Ind.); Richard Marcoux, Bellevue (Neb.); Jason Bowers, Cumberland (Tenn.); David Bellefleur, Florida National; Abraham Chelangum, Oklahoma City; Justin Ash, Eastern Oregon; David Mannella, Benedictine (Kan.); Vincent Nchogu, Texas A&M-Texarkana; Noah Friske, St. Francis (Ill.); Dylan Branch, Montreat (N.C.); Luke Phol, Cornerstone (Mich.); Landon Dunlap, William Woods (Mo.); Logan Horning, Friends (Kan.); Will Porter, Blue Mountain (Miss.); Jacob Kocis, Midway (Ky.); Trey Engen, Dordt (Iowa)

Week 4 (September 28)

Runner of the Week: Aaron Jones, Milligan (Tenn.)


Collected his fifth career victory in 12 collegiate XC outings. Led Milligan to a first-place team finish over two NCAA Division I teams and two regionally ranked DIIs.


Nominees:Cameron La Mere, Viterbo (Wis.); Jose Zarate, Our Lady of the Lake (Texas); Eric Steiger, Dordt (Iowa); Eli Fullerton, Indiana Wesleyan; Titus Korir, Tennessee Southern; Nicholas Green, Tabor (Kan.); Sam Mickelson , Grand View (Iowa); John Perez-Dunn, Southeastern (Fla.); Jaiven Hale, Haskell Indian Nations (Kan.); Micah Murphy , Northwest (Wash.); Jackson Wilson, Rocky Mountain (Mont.); Wyatt Elliott, Missouri Baptist; Justin Duran, Oklahoma Panhandle State (Okla.); Tyler Jenkins , Rio Grande (Ohio); Christian Salt, Life (Ga.)


Week 3 (September 21)

Runner of the Week: Jason Bowers, Cumberland (Tenn.)


The freshman set the program record in the 8K in his first 8K race beating the previous record by 54 seconds. He finished seventh behind six NCAA Division I runners including three All-Americans from Alabama.


Nominees: Edwin Kipainoi, Montana Tech; Camden Sesna, Concordia (Neb.); Drake Dickerson, Ohio Christian; Bryan Hernandez-Rios, Grace (Ind.); Lucas Eccelton, Madonna (Mich.); Carson Philbin, SCAD Savannah (Ga.); Richard Marcoux, Bellevue (Neb.); Lejaune George, Xavier (La.); Carson Barlow, William Carey (Miss.); Jacob Mitchell, USC Beaufort (S.C.); Logan Horning, Friends (Kan.); Justin Ash, Eastern Oregon; Dylan Branch, Montreat (N.C.); Shimales Abebe, Oklahoma City; Brint Laubach, The Master's (Calif.); David Mannella, Benedictine (Kan.); Taylor Vallangeon, Olivet Nazarene (Ill.); Donovan Denslow, Missouri Baptist


Week 2 (September 14)

Runner of the Week: Luke Pohl, Cornerstone (Mich.)


Luke won the IWU Twilight with an 8K time of 24:42.60, beating out the second-place finisher by 12 seconds.


Nominees: Bryan Hernandez-Rios, Grace (Ind.); Alexander Holmes, McPherson (Kan.); Justin Ash, Eastern Oregon; Henry Mulder, Lyon (Ark.), Preston Webb, Mobile (Ala.); Cody Farland, Dakota State (S.D.); Luke Benes, St. Ambrose (Iowa); Luke Pohl, Cornerstone (Mich.); Jay Cook, Florida College; Joe Anderson, Dordt (Iowa); Justin Stearns , Lindsey Wilson (Ky.); Henry Hasz, Southwest Assemblies (Texas); Ryan Mitchell, Mount Mercy (Iowa); Drake Dickerson, Ohio Christian; Salvador Castillo, Reinhardt (Ga.); Vincent Nchogu, Texas A&M-Texarkana


Week 1 (September 7)

Runner of the Week: Jason Bowers, Cumberland (Tenn.)


Jason won first place individually in an event that featured Division I programs. He dominated winning the race by 43 seconds.

Nominees: Shimales Abebe, Oklahoma City; Tyler Jenkins, Rio Grande (Ohio); Elliott Ramsey, Lourdes (Ohio); Donovan Denslow, Missouri Baptist; John Perez-Dunn, Southeastern (Fla.); Carson Barlow, William Carey (Miss.); Jaiven Hale, Haskell (Kan.); Jose Zarate, Our Lady of the Lake (Texas); Jordan Freese, St. Francis (Ill.); Ryan Mitchell, Mount Mercy (Iowa); Cody Farland, Dakota State (S.D.); Will Stockley, Milligan (Tenn.); Logan Horning, Friends (Kan.); Camden Sesna, Concordia (Neb.); Carter Gordon, Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)


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