Courtesy: Reinhardt (Ga.) Athletics
Courtesy: Reinhardt (Ga.) Athletics

2024 NAIA Men's Lacrosse Coaches' Top 10 - No. 4 (April 10)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Reinhardt (Ga.) held the top spot in the NAIA Men's Lacrosse Coaches' Top 10 for the third straight week as the only undefeated team left standing. The only movement this week came from Cumberlands (Ky.) and William Penn (Iowa) who flipped spots to now sit fourth and fifth, respectively in the fourth edition of the ratings.

Poll Methodology

  • The rating committee is comprised of eight raters – two raters per conference/group.
  • Each conference/group produces a conference rating from which raters will use to compile their national ballot. Only teams represented on the conference rating are eligible for the national ballot.
  • Each rater will submit a top 15 ballot, which will be used to produce the Top 10 national rating and a list of other teams receiving votes.
  • The rating was voted upon by a panel of head coaches representing each of the conferences, Continental Athletic Conference (Independents), and Unaffiliated Groups.
  • The Top 10 is determined by a points system based on how each voter ranks the best teams. A team receives 15 points for each first-place vote, 14 for second place, and so on through the list.
  • The highest and lowest ranking for each team (a non-rating is considered a low rating) is removed and the team’s ranking will be recalculated with an additional point added to each team for every ballot (including discounted ballots) that the teams appears on.
  • Teams that receive only one point in the ballot are not considered “receiving votes.”
  • For the complete rating calendar, click here
1 1 Reinhardt (Ga.) [7] 11-0  82
2 2 Keiser (Fla.) 12-1  77
3 3 Webber International (Fla.) 13-1 72
4 5 Cumberlands (Ky.) 11-3  65
5 4 William Penn (Iowa) 12-1  64
6 6 Concordia (Mich.) 8-3  57
7 7 Aquinas (Mich.) 7-1  52
8 8 SCAD Savannah (Ga.) 8-5  46
9 9 Indiana Tech 4-4  43
10 10 Siena Heights (Mich.) 5-6  37

Dropped from Top 10: N/A

Others Receiving Votes: St. Ambrose (Iowa) 33; Benedictine (Kan.) 23; Lawrence Tech (Mich.) 18; Ottawa (Kan.) 17; Madonna (Mich.) 12; Life (Ga.) 5