Daktronics NAIA Scholar-Athletes

daktronics scholar-athletes


NAIA-Daktronics Scholar-Athlete Award Parameters

The Daktronics-NAIA Scholar-Athlete programs recognize excellence in the classroom by NAIA-member student-athletes who are sophomores or above in academic standing with a 3.5 residential, cumulative GPA. Students must appear on the eligibility certificate for the sport and have attended one full year as a non-transfer or one full year as a transfer. The awards are given annually to outstanding student-athletes in the various sports in which the program is active and their respective teams are eligible for NAIA postseason competition.

Nominations should be submitted in SIDHelp


Sept. 30 (Fall Sports)

Jan. 31 (Winter Sports)

April 15 (Spring Sports)

Archive of previous Scholar-Athletes

An archive of previous award winners can be found here  https:/www.naiahonors.com

 For questions not detailed below, contact Katie Green


Frequently Asked Questions


- No. The date was set by the NAIA National Administrative Council (NAC) in collaboration with the NAIA Council of Faculty Athletic Representatives and does not allow for submissions after the deadline.

- Fall Sports: September 30
- Winter Sports: January 1
- Spring Sports: April 15

Unfortunately, submissions are not accepted after the deadline has passed. While your student-athletes may not be included on the NAIA release, this should not prevent you from honoring those deserving on your campus.

- Nominations should be submitted in SIDHelp (www.naiasports.org/admin).

- Fall: cross country, soccer, football, women’s volleyball
- Winter: basketball, competitive cheer and dance, swimming and diving, wrestling, bowling
- Spring: baseball, golf, lacrosse, softball, tennis, track and field, men’s volleyball, women’s beach volleyball

Fillable PDF certificates can be found here http://www.drivehq.com/folder/p11520248.aspx via this file path: Award Certificates --> Scholar-Athlete --> then select the correct year, followed by the correct season.

- Yes, if they are of sophomore academic standing, they are eligible for the award if they have also been at the nominating institution for a full academic year.

- No. A tranfer GPA submission should consist of only their GPA at the school they are currently at. The intention behind requiring student-athletes to be enrolled for one academic year is to ensure student-athletes can maintain their academic progress and success after entering college for the first time or transferring to a new instituion.

- Yes, as long as they fit the other criteria for the award.

- The hours in order to be of sophomore academic standing are dictated by each school.

- Yes, as long as they are listed on your school's eligibility sheet for that sport that year.

- First and last name of student-athlete
- Sport - Hometown
- State (AP style)
- Position
- Cumulative GPA as defined by your institution
- Transfer or not
- Academic Class Standing
- First day of student-athletes first term at your institution
- Student-athletes Major
- Student-athletes Minor
- Nominators name, title, email, faculty athletic representative

- The GPA is a cumulative GPA for each student-athlete.

- No, transfers are not eligible for the award until they have been at the nominating institution for one year, even if they transferred from an NAIA school.

- No, student-athletes must be of sophomore standing AND have attended the nominating institution for a full academic year.