2020 NAIA Competitive Dance All-Americans Announced

2020 NAIA Competitive Dance All-Americans Announced

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has announced Tuesday the 2020 NAIA Competitive Dance (CCD) All-America teams. To achieve NAIA All-America or Honorable Mention status, student-athletes participate in a try-out.

Officials judge the athletes during the try-out and All-Americans are determined by the judges' scores. An athlete must score at least a total of 12 in order to be considered for honorable mention and one must score at least a total of 16 in order to be considered for All-America. The CCD Coaches Association officers then confirm the list of scores and athletes.

The All-America teams are designated by "All-America" and "Honorable Mention" status. This is the fourth championship season for the sports of Competitive Dance.

The 2020 NAIA National Championships are hosted by St. Ambrose University and will take place at the Lee Lohman Arena from March 13-14. Dance competition begins at 4:30 p.m. CST on March 13 with the cheer routines to start at 6:45 p.m. Saturday's activities will commence at 10 a.m. with the awards ceremony scheduled for 2:25 p.m.

When referencing the award, we encourage them to use #NAIAAllAmerican in their posts!

Anna Putnam Aquinas (Mich.) All America
Delaney Coldiron Aquinas (Mich.) All America
Hallie (Boldt) Casey Aquinas (Mich.) All America
Jenna Skislak Aquinas (Mich.) All America
Lucy Dinsmore Aquinas (Mich.) All America
Madison Baese Aquinas (Mich.) All America
Sophia Serrato Aquinas (Mich.) All America
Alyssa Waller Baker (Kan.) All America
Cheleia Marshall Baker (Kan.) All America
Gracie Chambers Baker (Kan.) All America
Jaila Randle Baker (Kan.) All America
Keirstyn Reynolds Baker (Kan.) All America
Kinleigh Brechisen Baker (Kan.) All America
Linnea Carlson Baker (Kan.) All America
MJ Monteclaro Baker (Kan.) All America
Stephen Long Baker (Kan.) All America
Grace McIntosh Central Methodist (Mo.) Honorable Mention
Kadee Dempsey Central Methodist (Mo.) Honorable Mention
Kaitlin Larison Central Methodist (Mo.) All America
Kelsey Brown Central Methodist (Mo.) Honorable Mention
Matt Fohn Central Methodist (Mo.) Honorable Mention
Kara Kiefer Cleary (Mich.) All America
Renee Luckowicz Doane (Neb.) All America
Olivia DeFord Doane (Neb.) All America
Sarah DeBoer Doane (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Dakota Jones Graceland (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Gwyneth Sacy Graceland (Iowa) All America
Kelsey Thompson Graceland (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Nicole Fry Graceland (Iowa) All America
Hannah Carr Grand View (Iowa) All America
Jordan Nieuwenhuis Grand View (Iowa) All America
Macey Caves Grand View (Iowa) All America
Marissa Signor Grand View (Iowa) All America
Mary Yarkosky Grand View (Iowa) All America
Mikayla Clary Grand View (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Kathryn Rohweder Hastings (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Christian Riley Loyola (La.) Honorable Mention
Jessica Penouilh Loyola (La.) Honorable Mention
Julianne Lewis Midland (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Taylor Jacobsen Midland (Neb.) Honorable Mention
Kaylee Meyer Midland (Neb.) All America
Logan Deahn Midland (Neb.) All America
Skylar Brooks Midland (Neb.) All America
Kaleigh Ryan Missouri Baptist All America
Miyu Shito Missouri Valley All America
Alison Wright Morningside (Iowa) All America
Bryn Groff Morningside (Iowa) All America
Madison Mahr Morningside (Iowa) All America
Diego Marquez Morningside (Iowa) All America
Payton Leavitt Morningside (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Rebecca Clarke Morningside (Iowa) All America
Sam Stark Morningside (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Taylor Strawn Morningside (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Cami Foote Mount Mercy (Iowa) All America
Chelsey Heisdorffer Mount Mercy (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Grace Herring Mount Mercy (Iowa) All America
Montanna Andrews Mount Mercy (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Sheala Rael Mount Mercy (Iowa) All America
Evelyn Smith Oklahoma City Honorable Mention
Jordyn Pierson Oklahoma City Honorable Mention
Lauren Kysela Oklahoma City Honorable Mention
Makenzi Fox Oklahoma City All America
Megan Bering Oklahoma City Honorable Mention
Elena Troia Point Park (Pa.) Honorable Mention
Julia Hester Point Park (Pa.) Honorable Mention
Leah Skowron Point Park (Pa.) Honorable Mention
Nicole Kapalko Point Park (Pa.) Honorable Mention
Tirza Cartwright Point Park (Pa.) Honorable Mention
Victoria Kunelis Point Park (Pa.) Honorable Mention
Gracy O'Rahilly Saint Xavier (Ill.) All America
Jenna Stahl Siena Heights (Mich.) All America
Logan Richardson Siena Heights (Mich.) Honorable Mention
Aly York St. Ambrose (Iowa) Honorable Mention
Ava Langford St. Ambrose (Iowa) All America
Hannah Schriner St. Ambrose (Iowa) All America
Jordan Sanders St. Ambrose (Iowa) All America
Morgan Hollon St. Ambrose (Iowa) All America
Morgan Pfohl St. Ambrose (Iowa) All America
Olivia Markham St. Ambrose (Iowa) All America
Alyssa Gomez St. Francis (Ill.) All America
Brooke Richmond St. Francis (Ill.) All America
Hannah Bolden St. Francis (Ill.) Honorable Mention
Lily O'Rahilly St. Francis (Ill.) All America
Madeline Smietanski St. Francis (Ill.) All America
Nyah Brooks Viterbo (Wis.) All America
Jessalyn Wilson Viterbo (Wis.) All America


Championship Information

NAIA Cheer & Dance Championship

March 11-12, 2022
Ypsilanti, Michigan