Bracket Play Recap of the 2023 NAIA Women's Beach Volleyball Invitational

Bracket Play Recap of the 2023 NAIA Women's Beach Volleyball Invitational

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. – [SCHEDULE | RESULTS BRACKET] Bracket play concluded on Friday with a decision of who will be advancing to the final of the 2023 NAIA Beach Volleyball Invitational on Saturday.

First Round

Vanguard (Calif.) def. OUAZ (Ariz.) 3-1

Webber (Fla.) def. Park (Mo.) 3-1


  • Vanguard (Calif.) and Webber (Fla.) were both in Pool B
  • Webber beat Park in the first round for the second year in a row.
  • Both matches were played to decision and a decision was met after the one, two, three and five positions finished their matches. The four position did not complete their match in either match.
  • Only one match was played in three sets out of either match. It was at the one position between Vanguard and OUAZ.
  • Vanguard advanced to play Westcliff (Calif.) and Webber advanced to play Corban (Ore.)



Vanguard (Calif.) def. Westcliff (Calif.) 3-2

Corban (Ore.) def. Webber (Calif.) 3-2


  • All matches in the Vanguard vs Westcliff dual were finished in two sets.
  • Three matches in the Corban vs Webber dual at the one, three and five positions went to three sets.
  • Both duals were tied at two matches apiece as teams as the deciding match came at the one’s position to decide the winner of both semifinals.
  • Corban and Vanguard both advanced to the final from Pool B


Undefeated pairs on the week

  • Westcliff 5’s – Brooke Scheidle, Serena Comer
  • Park (Mo.) 4’s – Maria Ramos, Patricia Ubeda
  • Corban 1’s – Avari Ridgway, Megan Dennis

Invitational Information

beach volleyball


April 25-27, 2024
Greeneville Beach Volleyball Complex
Greeneville, Tenn.