Statement from the NAIA on Golf Statistical Services

NAIA National Office in Kansas City, Missouri

As you may know, it was announced yesterday that Spikemark will transition its NCAA golf operations to Clippd, a well-known golf technology company in Europe. We wanted to make sure to address this and to stress that the NAIA has been in contact with Clippd and is working with its representatives to ensure a smooth transition. Additional information will be available in the next 24-48 hours.

The NAIA will continue to provide updates and reports as we get them, but at this time it is vital to understand that nothing has changed in terms of reporting tournament scores.

IMPORTANT: If you simply have all of the below three things, you can send it to and they have assured us that it can be entered into their system. This is only if you have a tournament where you do not have a full set of hole-by-hole results…

  • Round scores for each player
  • Total course yardage
  • Par