NAIA Conference Character Committee

NAIA Conference Character Committees are dedicated to promoting Champions of Character® throughout conference activities.


Character Education

Ongoing training and professional development for conference coaches, athletics administrative staff and student-athletes


Hospitality & Game Management

Of conference athletics events including conduct in competition

  • Set and communicate expectations for hospitality and game management
  • Work with the Conduct and Competition Committee that reviews ejection and suspension reports to create programming for areas of concern. 
  • Establish procedures for responding to extreme behavior, including a crisis management plan.

Share the Character Message

Conference-wide Champions of Character event to share the message

  • Hold a sports summit to bring together the supervisor of officials, athletic director, coaches, and captains to discuss game experience expectations and issues for a particular sport.
  • Share the Champions of Character message during your conference championship or Conference-wide servant leadership project.

Promote & Recognize Character

With awards and recognition of conference officials, athletics directors, coaches and student-athletes

  • Coordinate Champions of Character National Awards for your Conference
  • Recognize officials, Athletic Directors, coaches and student-athletes for demonstrating character with individual and Champions of Character All Conference Team awards.
  • Create a Champions of Character page for your Conference website (use official sample)

Oversight & Assessment

Of progress in implementing conference plans

  • Use the results from the Champions of Character Scorecard to assess your conference plan.
  • Conduct game experience surveys for officials, athletic directors and coaches.