NAIA Championship Intern Programs



The NAIA Basketball Championship Internship Program is geared towards students who want to set themselves apart with experience in leadership roles at a national championship sporting event. This program is designed for students in Sports Management or similar degrees pursuing internship credit, a capstone project, or volunteer hours with great experience for a resume.

The NAIA Basketball Championship Internship Program is a selective, unpaid, application-based program with consideration given to intended major, career aspirations, experience, dedication, and availbility. The dedication to this program will give you a taste of what it is like to work in the sports industry, as well as provide a well-rounded overview of all the essentials to run a championship. The hours will pay off in countless networking and job pipeline opportunities.


Our purpose is to engage young professionals and college students that are looking for experience in Sport Management and Event Coordination in intercollegiate athletics. The purpose of the NAIA Basketball Intern Program in conjunction with the NAIA Men's and Women's Basketball National Championships is to give students a hands-on experience by being an instrumental part of the operations of our championships.


  • Internship hours & degree credit (if approved by your institution)
  • Networking Meet & Greets with Kansas City sport industry leaders
  • On-site interviews for a paid seasonal position in the NAIA Eligibility Center (Men's Basketball only)
  • On-site resume reviews and tips
  • NAIA Men's Basketball Intern of the Year Award
  • Intern Appreciation Lunch
  • NAIA Apparel
  • Four (4) tickets to the Championship (can be used by friends or family for any one day of the Championship)

Internship Roles

game operations

Event/Game Operations



in-game promotions

In-Game Promotions

special events

Special Events

marketing social media

Marketing/Social Media


Interested in participating for the 2021-2022 season?

If you are interested in participating at the Men's Basketball Championship Internship Program and have questions, contact Carl Martin ( or 816-595-8355)

If you are interested in participating at the Women's Basketball Championship Internship Program and have questions, contact Kelli Briscoe ( or 816-595-8141)


Key Dates

October 5, 2021
Schools sent program information

October 15, 2021
Application window for Men's Basketball opens

November 5, 2021
Application window for Women's Basketball opens

December 17, 2021
Application windows close

December 20, 2021
Chosen participants are notified



Men's Basketball Intern Program

Women's Basketball Intern Program