NAIA Together at the Core

We Are Back!  – The Challenges, Struggles and Determination - NAIA WE ARE BACK 2020-21 season tribute


The new normal of our society has forced several shifts in our daily social lives. These shifts for the NAIA have left our 77,000 NAIA student-athletes wondering what the future will hold. As winter championships ended prematurely and spring sports came to a halt and now fall championships postponed to spring, there has been a definitive shift in what our world looks like for the foreseeable future.

Through the difficult times ahead, the student-athletes of the NAIA have come together to create a new focus on all of the positive things they are doing through the days of COVID-19. The focus, called NAIA Together at the Core, is designed to showcase all the positive ways the NAIA is navigating our world's current situation. 


NAIA Together - Today, tomorrow, always





During these difficult times, we are encouraging you to share your stories, messages and uplifting videos on our social channels.

Make sure to use #NAIATogether for all to see "NAIA Together at the Core."



12 Days of the NAIA - Happy Holidays!


NAIA thanks our Student-Athletes off the court - fighting COVID-19


Together at the Core




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