Eligibility Center Processes


Eligibility Center Decisions


A: Yes. First-time NAIA participants will need their eligibility center decision before they compete in any competition, including exhibitions and scrimmages.

Students who receive an eligible fall 2020 decision will not be required to reapply through the eligibility center for a winter/spring 2020-21 decision if they did not enroll full-time or compete. Eligibility rules will still need to be evaluated during on-campus certification.

To avoid potential increased fees, be sure to complete your profile (pay and submit) with the eligibility center before October 1.

A: No. Eligibility center registration fees are non-refundable. We encourage students to receive their EC decisions to be ready for future competition.

A: Please visit the Situation Analysis to determine if you need an eligibility center decision. Note: Exceptions have been made to select situations due to COVID-19.


Domestic Transcripts


A: The center is still accepting documents required for eligibility reviews. We highly recommend submitting documents electronically.

  1. All U.S. high school documents must be submitted through the NAIA High School Portal.
  2. U.S college documents may be sent through the NAIA Registrar Portal or an approved third-party vendor (Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, eScrip-Safe/Credentials Solutions). If an email address is required for these services, you must use documents@naia.org. Please note: we cannot accept emailed documents or transcripts sent to ECInfo@naia.org.
  3. Please click here for information on InCred and international records.
  4. Physical document processing is delayed between receipt and being reflected on a task list.

A: Please encourage your institution to register for the NAIA Portal. Upon registration, new NAIA Portal users will need to be verified by eligibility center staff before granted access to upload. We can help – have them reach us at ECinfo@naia.org for assistance.


International Transcripts/ Records


A: The NAIA is still requiring official, school-stamped copies of academic records that have been placed in an envelope sealed and stamped by the issuing institution. If you are unable to get your records school-stamped, you will need to utilize InCred where you can electronically upload a photo or scan of the official, school-issued records or wait until the issuing institution is reopened and able to stamp copies of your records. It is not advised you mail the original version of your records, as it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the records to be returned.

A: Yes, students can purchase InCred evaluations in order to submit transcripts properly. They will need to purchase one of the evaluations in order to send transcripts. To view pricing and other information, please visit https://www.incredevals.org/.

A: NAIA eligibility rules do not allow the use of TOEFL as an equivalency. It is currently recommended that students register for a future ACT/SAT exam. In absence of a qualifying test score, a 2.0 GPA and top 50% class rank will qualify so finish your senior year strong! If a top 50% class rank cannot be obtained, students can use the class rank exception (Article V, Section C, Item 2c, Exception 1) as an additional option.

A: The NAIA does not accept academic records by email and is still requiring official academic records for eligibility. Records should be sent either by postal mail in an envelope that has been sealed and stamped by the issuing institution or through InCred, the credential evaluation arm of the NAIA that allows students to electronically upload their official records.