Sponsoring a Varsity Sport Undeclare Form

If an institution wishes to undeclare from sponsoring a varsity sport, this form must be completed to fulfill the written notification requirement. You will receive a copy of your submission by email as confirmation.

NAC Policy, Article XII in the NAIA Official/Policy Handbook:
The NAIA National Office must be notified in writing should an institution officially drop a sport during a season. Contracted contests that are dropped after August 10 for fall sports, October 10 for winter sports, and January 10 for spring sports are subject to the awarding of forfeits. 

Once an institution announces discontinuance of a sport, it must notify all institutions remaining on the schedule as well as its conference/A.I.I. commissioner (as appropriate), eligibility chair and the NAIA National Office.

If an institution submits notification to undeclare from sponsoring a varsity sport, the institution is still removing itself from the obligation of participation in the postseason. Thus, policies surrounding undeclaring from postseason apply when deciding to officially drop a varsity sport (i.e. automatic berths, DOI violations, etc.).

If an institution drops a varsity sport for three consecutive years, they will be placed on postseason suspension in that sport for the following academic year.